Credential Verification for Students

Empower Your University with Blockchain Transparency.


At Vaurse, we believe in the power of blockchain technology to enhance the credibility and reliability of student credentials. With our innovative platform, your university can directly verify and secure student credentials on the blockchain, ensuring authenticity, transparency, and data integrity.

  • Immutable Records

    Immutable Records

    By storing student credentials on the blockchain, your university ensures that once verified, these records cannot be altered, manipulated, or tampered with. This unalterable nature guarantees the accuracy and integrity of the information.

  • Instant Verification

    Instant Verification

    Employers and othr institutions can easily and quickly verify student credentials by accessing the blockchain. This eliminates the need for time-consuming manual verification processes, enhancing efficiency for both your university and external stakeholders.

  • Increased Trust

    Increased Trust

    The transparency nd security provided by blockchain technology instill trust among employers, institutions, and students. Verifiable and tamper-proof credentials boost confidence in the quality of education your university provides.

  • Streamlined Processes

    Streamlined Processes

    With blockchain vrification, there's no need for students to request transcripts or duplicate certificates. Institutions can securely access and verify credentials directly from the blockchain, simplifying administrative tasks.

  • Global Accessibility

    Global Accessibility

    Blockchain-powere verification ensures that student credentials are accessible from anywhere in the world. This global accessibility facilitates seamless student mobility and international recognition of qualifications

How It Works

Our streamlined verification process ensures a secure and transparent experience for both students and universities.

  • Registration

    Students and candidates begin by signing up on Vaurse and submitting a verification request to their respective universities. This step includes providing relevant information and completing the payment of a service fee to the university.

  • Thorough Review

    The university reviews the received verification request, cross-referencing the provided information with their records. Once the accuracy of the information is confirmed, the university initiates the verification process. This verification is automatically written onto the blockchain.

  • Instant Validation

    Upon successful verification, students and candidates will witness a prominent verified checkmark displayed beside the verified education entry on their profile. Clicking on this checkmark grants immediate access to the verified record stored on the blockchain. This allows institutions and employers to authenticate candidates' credentials seamlessly without compromising data privacy.


By integrating blockchain technology into your credential verification process, your university not only ensures the authenticity of student achievements but also sets a new standard for transparency and trust in education.


Join Vaurse today to transform the way your institution verifies student credentials and contributes to a more secure and credible academic ecosystem.

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Enhancing Profiles with Verified Recommendations

  • verified recommendations-0

    Following the successful verification of a candidate by a university, an additional value comes in the form of personalized recommendation letters. These letters, crafted by the university, provide insightful endorsements of the candidate's skills, character, and achievements.

  • verified recommendations-1

    Employers and institutions can readily access these verified recommendations, enriching the candidate's profile with tangible proof of their capabilities. This innovative feature bolsters the credibility of the student's portfolio,amplifying their strengths and opening doors to new opportunities.

  • verified recommendations-2

    With Vaurse, verified recommendations serve as an influential asset, illuminating the unique qualities of each candidate and fostering stronger connections between academia and the professional world.