Elevating Employee Profiles with Credibility and Trust via Blockchain Technology

At Vaurse, we're committed to bringing unparalleled transparency and credibility to the professional world. Our platform offers an innovative solution for employers to verify the work experiences of their employees, ensuring accurate and trustworthy profiles

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How It Works

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Easy Registration

Employees kick-start the process by registering on Vaurse and submitting a verification request to their employers. This step entails entering crucial details such as job roles, employment dates, responsibilities, and more. As part of the process, employees complete a secure payment for the service to their respective employers.

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Comprehensive Review

Employers receive the verification requests and review the information provided. They cross-reference this data with their official records to ensure its accuracy. Once the information is verified, employers trigger the validation process. This step ensures that the verified work experience is seamlessly etched onto the blockchain.

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Instant Recognition

Upon successful validation , a verified checkmark will appear next to the work experience entry on employees' profiles, granting instant access to securely stored blockchain records, streamlining verification for institutions and employers.

Benefits of blockchain work
history verification

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Enhanced Credibility

Verified work experiences add credibility to your employees' profiles, building trust among partners, clients, and institutions.

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Streamlined Background Checks

Employers and Employees can quickly share verified work experiences with third parties, eliminating the need for lengthy and repetitive background checks.

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Reduced Fraud

Blockchain technology ensures that the provided work experiences cannot be falsified, significantly reducing the risk of fraudulent claims.

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Streamlined Background Checks

Verified profiles expedite the hiring process, as employers can confidently present a comprehensive overview of their employees' professional journeys.

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Enhanced Employee Brand

Presenting verified work experiences enhances your employees' personal brand, showcasing their authentic accomplishments.

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Global Accessibility

With blockchain-powered verification, candidates' work histories become globally accessible, promoting smooth mobility and international acknowledgment of their experience.

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Empowering Professionals Through Blockchain Innovation.

Our innovative platform prioritizes accuracy, trust, and efficiency. By leveraging blockchain technology, we provide an ecosystem where employers can seamlessly verify and validate their employees' work experiences, ultimately fostering a stronger and more credible professional landscape.

Elevating Employee Profiles with Verified Recommendations

Upon the successful verification of an employee's work experience by their employer, an additional layer of value is added through personalized recommendation letters. These letters, thoughtfully crafted by the employer, offer profound endorsements of the employee's skills, character, and accomplishments.

Accessible to other employers and institutions, these verified recommendations contribute to enriching the employee's profile with tangible evidence of their capabilities. This innovative feature enhances the credibility of the employee's portfolio, showcasing their strengths and unlocking fresh avenues of opportunity.

With Vaurse, verified recommendations stand as a potent asset, shedding light on the distinct attributes of each candidate and fostering stronger bridges between academia and the professional realm.

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Join us in shaping a professional landscape founded on transparency, authenticity, and mutual respect.