Commitment to Credibility

Whether entering the job market, transitioning roles, or aiming for higher achievements, Vaurse is your platform, offering exceptional benefits and features to empower your journey.

Commitment credibility

Enhance Your Platform Experience

To fully unlock our platform's vast potential, all candidates must undergo a thorough verification process for their identity, education credentials, and work experience. This information is then securely stored on the blockchain, ensuring its immutability and integrity.

Here's How It Works

Step 01

Upon signing up and creating your profile, you will seamlessly proceed to our verification center, where you can verify your identity.

Candidate verification step-1
Candidate verification step-2

Step 02

Once your identity is verified, you can confirm your education and work details in your profile. Easily request verification from your university or company with a simple click. Streamlined process!

Step 03

Once your education institution or employer confirms your information, it's securely recorded on the blockchain. Look for the blue tick that shows verification is complete. Safe and verified!

Candidate verification step-3

Step toward an empowered and credible presence on Vaurse by completing your verification process today.

Step towards empowered credibilty presence